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We offer personalized coaching in small-group settings so you can improve technique and fitness with stimulating drills, video, fast skiing, fun, and camaraderie. The Masters Community is for all adult skiers, from beginners to experts, who want to learn to ski better and have more fun.

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Am I A Master?

Being a part of the CB Nordic Masters Community doesn’t mean that you’ve “mastered” the sport of nordic skiing, it is is just a differentiation from our “youth” or school-aged skier programs. Our Masters Community programs are open to anyone and everyone that has aged out of our youth programs.

Program Guide

Check out our 2019-2020 Masters Community Program Guide to learn about what Masters programs are being offered and to decide what’s right for you.

Weekly Schedule

Second Session (2/4 – 3/29)

  • Level 1 Skate – Tuesday, noon
  • Level 2 Skate – Thursday or Saturday, noon
  • Level 3 Skate – Wednesday, 10:30 a.m. or Friday, noon
  • Level 2 Classic – Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, 10:30 a.m.
  • Level 3 Classic – Friday, 10:30 a.m.
  • Performance Technique – Thursday, noon (4-week session)


We will have two 8-week sessions throughout the 2019-20 Winter season. You can join one session or both.

  • Session 1 (Early Season): 8 weeks starting 12/3/19 through 2/2/20 (no sessions Christmas week)
  • Session 2 (Mid Season): 8 weeks starting 2/4/20 through 3/29/20

Level 1 Classic

Move beyond walking on your skis and learn the art of classic skiing. Our expert instructors will focus on the fundamentals of proper classic technique to enhance your enjoyment and efficiency by helping you glide like a champion. After completing this course you will have more confidence on your skis so that you are ready to tackle any Nordic trail.

Level 2 Skate or Classic

You’ve mastered the basics, now learn how to extend your glide and skiing enjoyment in our intermediate group sessions. The focus here will be developing different skating/classic techniques and speeds to handle any terrain. Improve efficiency and balance in order to conserve energy on your skis.

Performance Training Group

The original Masters Training group! Both Skate and Classic techniques will be utilized twice weekly on all of our trails. The focus of each day will be skiing 10+ km, often with specific intervals in a lightly coached environment. This is a group for strong skiers looking to ski fast and have fun with other like-minded local skiers. This program starts after Thanksgiving and runs through the Alley Loop Marathon, helping hone fitness and speed for our signature event. Weekly emails will include the location and training plan.

Level 1 Skate

Learn to ski better with our progressive 8-week program. Our expert instructors will focus on the fundamentals of  proper skate technique to enhance your enjoyment and efficiency. After completing this course you will have more confidence on your skis, so that you are ready to tackle any Nordic trail.

Level 3 Skate or Classic

Take your skate or classic skiing to the next level with our advanced program. Our expert instructors will move beyond the fundamentals, focusing on developing speed and power in your skiing. After completing this course you will be more efficient and ready to ski farther and faster than you thought possible!

Performance Technique

The Performance Technique session is a new offering focusing on specific technique enhancements to increase speed.

Level 1

Never-ever skiers and “ski-walkers”. Our Level 1 programs are perfect for anyone wanting to learn cross-country skiing in a safe environment. This program will build confidence on skis while introducing the fundamentals of proper ski technique.

Level 2

Skiers understand the basics of push-off and glide and have had some instruction or experience skiing a variety of trails. Skiers can control speed on downhills and make it up moderate hills.

Level 3

Skiers with experience who understand more than just the basics and want to improve technique. Skiers who have
skied frequently, have had some instruction but want to improve, and are able to control speed and stop in any terrain.

Performance Training Group

Skiers with high fitness who ski a lot, have had coaching in the past, race occasionally or frequently, and want to
ski stronger, faster and with higher efficiency. This group will focus on skiing to develop speed and fitness with
minimal technique instruction.


Levels 1, 2, & 3: $160 for each 8-week session

Performance Technique Group: $75 for a 4-week session (2/6 – 2/27)



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